Nice Moves Minnesota

The idea of coming together and sharing ideas has been building in the hearts of local artists for years. There are—and have been for quite some time—a smorgasbord of events hosted in and around the Twin Cities. Events like The Cinema Lounge and MET give us a chance to share our work and reconnect with each other. The AE User Group and Maya User Group are places to trade techniques, inspiration, and ideas. A plethora of portfolio shows hosted by schools and other organizations provide a direct connection between students & the studios that hire them. The hard truth is that these events can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. That’s where Nice Moves comes in. One of our primary goals is to establish an industry calendar of events so that when you feel the urge to be social, you know where to go.

So why start with events? Well, Nice Moves started at an event…

Actually, it was over the course of several events—one ChannelZ Halloween party, one Volt shindig, Minneapolis Electronic Theater, a few backyard BBQs, and slew of happy hours. Every event was an opportunity to build on our ideas. The more we reconnected, the more those ideas solidified. Hosting quarterly Studio Tours and making local industry events more readily accessible will provide individuals in the community more opportunities to share their ideas and build teams to achieve group goals.

Our Past Events