Better Together
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Nice Moves MN is a group of artists & studios within the industries of motion graphics, visual effects, animation, and design. Primarily based in and around the Twin Cities, this group came together in January 2016 with the goal to grow what we believe is an inspiring community of artists and professionals by providing a forum for those to connect.

We know many of our favorite and most talented artists can be found right in our own backyard. We also know that Minnesota has an abundance of award-winning studios and agencies that needs this talent. Nice Moves brings together in one place this sometimes disparate flock of creatives that span multiple crafts.

So it doesn’t matter if you animate in After Effects, specialize in Blender, or create particle simulations in Maya. It matters less if you’re a student about to bust onto the scene, an agency trying to find that perfect studio to execute your grand idea, or a creator just wanting to explore other like-minded ventures. Nice Moves is Minnesota’s motion community for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and collaboration.